Galbraith Lab’s Collaborations

Ether Tales

Having entered into the NFT space in late 2020, I immediately started looking around for sci-fi and cyberpunk storytelling projects and quickly came across the immutable BakaArts and the EtherTales. I approached Baka telling him a bit about my background and letting him know I’m here for lore development, storytelling and world building, and if he needed any help with this, I’d be happy to join in. He quickly responded saying that some help was necessary, and the rest is history. We’ve had a super fruitful partnership in the development of the EtherTales world which continues to this day. In his own words, Baka describes the project as, “The Ethertales aren’t just some random images without purpose. They are a set of tailor-made, interconnected, short, surreal sci-fi stories. A movement set in the Universe of Etherea specifically designed to spread the world of NFT /Crypto Art to the masses in a fun and accessible way.”