Galbraith Lab’s Collaborations


Bio: Shroomheads is an ongoing sci-fi / cyberpunk world building and PFP project from myself and Stefan Große Halbuer. Stefan first approached me in mid-2021 with an idea to build out a cyberpunk world based on a concept he’d had brewing for a while. I immediately fell in love with the concept, building out and telling stories around a cyberpunk world where gangs and factions feed the populace psychedelic drugs grown on the bodies of the dead.

We initially put together a few stories, where I built out the backstory to the world, this is ongoing and called the Cycle of the Shroom. Beyond that we decided to develop the idea into a full blown pfp / world building exercise.

We broke down the world into 10 factions, each with their own specific storyline within the Shroomhead world, each faction has 10 characters, again with their own storyline, Stefan draws the characters based on my background stories and lore, these are then sold individually or as part of limited edition NFTs. The idea is once all 100 characters and 10 factions are complete, we will launch the full blown pfp project and build out a full storytelling world and fleshed out IP with community at its heart.