The Future Of Storytelling

Stories are the source, they are the catch all vehicle for driving memetics and in turn, culture.

We tell and listen to stories every day of our lives, they provide us with meaning and facilitate understanding of the world around us, ourselves, and each other.

Galbraith Labs is here to understand the future of storytelling, how emergent web3 technologies can drive the next paradigm shift in storytelling, and help build a new era of storytellers.

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Galbraith Labs; here to tell stories, build on emerging web3 technologies, and look into the future of narrative design.

The brainchild of Richard Galbraith, the lab’s creation came together after two decades of storytelling, 15 years in web2 marketing strategy and the first 12 months of diving head first into web3, NFTs and blockchain story and project development.

Now, having cut his teeth working alongside some of the biggest names for some of the largest projects in the emerging NFT / web3 narrative space, Galbraith and Galbraith Labs’ primary aim is to help develop the world of storytelling within the web3 world.

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